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Logan Industries is managed by Alex Soya.

Alex earned his degree in computer science from the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), and has extensive experience in project management, software development, and support. He gained his experience by developing applications and hardware drivers for the multi-tasking, multi-user Concurrent DOS based operating systems (Multiuser DOS, REAL/32). Applications such as VOYAGER, PTERM, MIMIC (Communications software) gained wide use throughout the platform. Alex is also the developer of the popular NetSnap Windows web-cam software.

His strengths include the 80x86 assembly language, C/C++, C#. He works mostly in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. His solid knowledge of networking, client/server architectures, multi-tasking environments, and hardware specifications, allows him to manage projects with the vision of integration into existing and expanding infrastructures.


LII matches projects with contract programmers and designers. Professionals with proven qualities and experiences are selected for individual projects. By matching skill sets with project requirements, LII can be confident that projects are developed by the most qualified individuals.

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